Sunday, June 3, 2007

I hate blue balls

So she finally texts me. Im at my friends downtown watching that show on spiketv The Ultimate Fighter. The text says something like "where are you I want to hang out" hmm. Ive noticed when she sends aggressive texts like this shes usually drunk. I tell her what im doing and that ill be back at my apt. in an hour. "No I want to hang out now"

I dont reply right away in fact I wait until im back at my apt before bothering. Im still wondering what my night with this chik will look like. She sends some more texts that are slowly becoming unintelligible. looks like shes pretty drunk. damn. turns out shes at a party right next to my apt complex. I finally meet her outside and escort her back to my place. Shes walking like a toddler thats been sniffing Ether. or something. I ask her how much she drank she says 5 shots in 30 minutes. Not the best idea for a 105lb girl. but shes so fucking cute. she has work at 7 in the morning and shes all fucked up so i dont even try. you have to be pretty sleezy to make moves on a chik when shes in that state. we end up passing out in my bed 2am style. raging boner from midnight to when she leaves. hate that.

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