Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quick thoughts on the opposite sex

Women are one of lifes greatest achievements. I Always hear my friends, people, say things like "Oh shes way out of his league" or way out of "their league". Rubbish. You are as good as you think you are. Yes im talking about confidence. If you have it, women will follow. There is however, a huge difference in confidence vs. cockiness. Cockiness is usually implied with assholes and women dont like them. If youre wondering what the difference is, well, one quietly exists and the other is kind of a desperate plea for attention.

Regardless, there is a great movie that covers this topic, albeit somewhat indirectly. The movie follows an overweight, not exactly 'ugly', but pretty witty guy who bones chiks left and right. The movie is called "The Tao of Steve". Look into it. The actual Tao of Steve is a set of principles that are designed to obtain women that you would not normally be able to.

Rule 1: Be desireless. Women are intuitive creatures. If you dont already know this then..nevermind. Anyway, a hot chik expects every guy she meets to want to fuck her. She expects this because she has been conditioned. 99% of the guys she meets want to fuck her, and theyre blatently obvious about it. This turns them off instantly. As soon as they sense it, by your look, tone, whatever, they subconciously/unconciously/conciously LOSE interest. So eliminate all feelings of desire and TRULY eliminate them.

Rule 2: Be excellent in her presence. Once youve eliminated your desire, now you have to prove your sexual worthiness. Basically, impress her. Doesnt have to be an athletic type of achievement, or saving someones life. Thats not realistic. Be Creative. You can be morally excellent in her presence as well. ie.-help a total stranger, be good with kids, etc, just impress her.

Rule 3: Retreat. Basically, "play hard to get". Once the woman has become intrigued, now is the time to retreat. Women are fickle and silly. Dating them is a game. Yes, a game. And im teaching you how to play way out of your league. I know girls that have completely lost interest in a guy once they found out he liked her, even though they were OBSESSED over him the day before. Remember this.

Keep in mind this is mostly for the average guy that wants to date hot girls. If youre goodlooking and get them anyway, well, this can still work, probably even more effectively. Im fortunate enough that women usually notice me before I notice them, but using this tactic has still proven very effective. Is this shallow? I guess. Us men are at a disadvantage. Biologically. You see, we are designed to be constantly horny. An unnattractive girl following the above rules would most likely not obtain the same result as a guy. This is because women are not bound by these biological weaknesses. In other words, a beautiful woman can become attracted to an ugly man off his personality alone. In this regard, personality, charm, wittiness, basically the ability to make her LAUGH is far more important than looks in the game of romance. Combine looks and the previous ability.. lethal. My only advice is be QUIETLY confident.. the women will follow.


Patrizia said...

Read my post: Addressed to a penis owner

To be honest, I am not the writer, but I am sure you will like it, or if not, I thought you different from what you are.

taro said...

you thought me different from what i am

hah but seriously it was ok just a little too feminist-abstract for my taste

although i do agree, only women can write erotica. or only women should at least. men writing it always reads to me as more of a rape. hardly erotic. unless..

Anonymous said...

Interesting advice. The one part I wanted to comment on was the whole "eliminate desire" part, makes sense to me (me being female). Women are usually much more interested in a guy thats not drooling all over them and trying immediately to get them in bed.
That doesn't go for all women though, because there certainly are women out there who like to be drooled